Vocal • Tuning Commissions


Hi, I am Eili. Thirty-something soprano vocalist and vocalist for the doujin circle LORE. Here is a place to house commission information, for both tuning, lyrics and vocal so I can feed my coffee addiction.I do covers on YouTube, release music under LORE, have worked with other doujin circles like WAVE, and also have sung on works used in OSU and other compilation albums!Please note, I do not time vocals, nor do I mix. For those services, please see Nos or any other mixer of choice. They can help you.Finally, if you just want to help me out I do have a kofi here: Kofi


Terms of Service
⤀ I reserve the right to turn down a commission for whatever reason
⤀ Commercial Use is double the price
⤀ Payment is in USD and done via PayPal
⤀ Payment must be made before I begin tuning, and refunds will not be acceptable after I begin
⤀ In the event I can not complete the commission, I will refund 100%
⤀ Turnaround time is usually 3-5 days, but can be discussed
⤀ I can deliver to you directly, or if you are commissioning Nos for mix, I will give it directly to her. Please let me know when you order
⤀ Overlaps do NOT count as a separate track
⤀ Please look at my samples below before commissioning me to see where I work best
⤀ Please credit me as "Eili" with links to Twitter and YouTube when posting on YouTube / When posting on Twitter, a direct @frenlize is fine
⤀ Drop me a DM on Twitter to order

What I Need
⤀ RAW lines in mono 44.1/48kHz 24 bit .wav
⤀ On and off vocal as well as any harmony and adlib guides sung to
⤀ Please note I do not create harmonies, but Nos does, so please see her for harmonies

I do things a bit different and charge per track, with double layers being less money.
So for example if you give me mains ($10), doubles ($5), 1 harm layer ($7), doubles of harms ($5) and adlibs ($3), the cost would be $30 (Non-Commercial).TV-Size is -30%Please note the quality of tuning depends on the quality of the source materials...

Track TypePrice
Main$10 Per Track
Harmony$7 Per Track
Doubles$5 Per Track
Adlibs$3 Per Track

Vocal commission

Commission TypePrice
Vocal (Non-Commercial)Starts at $75
Vocal (Commercial)Starts at $150
Backing Vocals OnlyStarts at $35
TranslyricsStarts at $50
Lyric WritingStarts at $75

⤀ I do not topline! I need to be provided with all melody and harmonies prior to singing.⤀ I can do Translyrics from Japanese into English. For examples, please see the WAVE x LORE collaboration album, Etheminas - return to the blue moon, or cover of カレンの清掃⤀ If asked to write lyrics, they can be in coined word or English.⤀ I will tune my own vocals unless otherwise asked.⤀ I can sing in English, Japanese and Coined Word (made up languages).⤀ I can sing in a variety of styles/genres, but do best on Fantasy/Multi-layered works, "Popera" (Opera-esque), Soundtrack like, and songs that require a clear and emotional type of voice.⤀ For more details on vocal and lyric commissions, DM me directly.⤀ If you are interested in me just singing backing vocals (harmony/adlibs) for a cover or original song, I might be willing to do that as well. Ask me.